Figurative art - Iconic MoonSisterBijoux paintings

The five senses drive us to the communication between our microcosm and the world - they connect us with the universe and make us part of it. We are all blended together in a big orchestra. If we perceive pleasant messages with our eyes, we are nurtured with joyful sensations in our inside. This inclines us towards positivity. Touching smooth, rough, and porous objects and gliding our fingers on them... gives us tactile sensations that, alongside the visual sense, infuse us with emotions. If that experience is a positive one - it is pleasant and we like it - we are happy and inclined to experience even better things. If we go into a place where we can watch and touch objects accompanied by the sound of music, we make those objects our own and we become part of a reality. If this experience is gratifying for us, it somehow enriches us. We have entered a kind of "pleasant dream". This is what I think about whenever I am creating something. Without presumptuousness, my aesthetic research wants to offer something pleasant, joyful, and slightly dreamlike.

We can identify with the female figures wearing jewels and bijoux. They will easily give it to us, because we are all part of a work of art. We will wear these framed and enriched jewels. We will go to work or buy groceries... we will live our lives. But when we will want, they will still be there... in a painting or in a sculpture, because we will have put them back in their original context. In this way, we will be creators and participants in a new work of art. We will be able to get happiness to be worn from sculptures that idealize fragments of nature... simply fun. I think that the idea of making bijoux has always been in my mind. It's like a "magpie" mania. I am attracted to everything that could become an ornament for the body - any object, even the most humble and bizarre. Having done deep technical research about fashion, I understand that it is a fundamental tool for observation.

Thanks to the artists of the past and their work we can understand periods of time, events and even their states of mind. Moreover, we women are true "artists" of ourselves. Every day our creativity embellishes us with infinite fantasy... every day we show a different interpretation of ourselves...

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