About me

My name is Giovanna Maria Monti.

I graduated from the Arts High School and then from the Academy of Fine Arts in my city. I later studied Art Restoration - first in Florence and then at the Fashion Look Academy in Rome.

I am qualified to teach technical-artistic subjects, and I worked as an assistant costume designer. I also designed dresses and jewels for my atelier in Viterbo (Rome, Italy).

For some time, I worked as an art teacher in public schools and in art therapy projects, and I cooperated in the designing of costumes.

I am also a figurative art creator (painting and 3D painting).

I look for and explore different shapes and their expression. Research and experimentation are at the core of my creations, which are based on different techniques and are made of new and traditional materials - from mosaic tiles to colored mirrors that belong to ethnic traditions of exotic places.

I use fabrics and laces in peculiar ways.

Sometimes they are "worn out" and "humiliated", they are bleached or dyed with pure colors or processed with gypsum, resin or cement.

I like to shape and drape materials such as clay, gypsum, and paper. I particularly like to work with precious and delicate rice paper, which I process with binding agents and restorations glues, like pulp. Then, I mix it with earth tones and cardboard. I have been trying out some new exclusive techniques for my paintings and jewels - like mixing Plexiglas with pure gold and silver or mixing silk and fine decorations with stones. The stones I use are semi-precious ones, and sometimes are porcelain-like stones created by me. These materials, which come from research and artistic nature, are all incredibly resistant.


Moonsisterbijoux research takes inspiration from the four elements of nature: air, water, earth, and fire. From the marvelous combination of these elements, wonderful things are born: flowers, stones, leaves, raindrops, flames...

There is something sacred in natural elements, in the natural flow of night and day, in the changing of seasons... and I love to celebrate it all.

Nature and Plant Life are deeply connected with being a woman and its peculiar qualities.

We, as women, are natural impulse, an infinite source of surprises, sweetness, sensitivity, and charm...

We are hope, tenacity, and strength. We are beauty and persistence.

Without presumptuousness, my aesthetic research wants to donate something pleasant, unique, playful, and slightly dreamlike. I want my creations to be used freely without superstructures or detachment. Therefore, my paintings and creations can be touched and worn.

My paintings always have a jewel that "completes" them. And the jewel must be worn.

While I work with different materials, I experience the joy of giving shape to a creative idea - the idea is set free, and my emotions take shape.

The materials are always the starting point - I give back to them the sensations I receive from touching them.

For me, the materials are life and art blended together.

The object, the jewel, the painting must be lived.

A work of art is beautiful because it is part of my life.

Creating something beautiful also means living it.

My creations are not meant to be just artworks, we should create a relationship with the paintings, the sculptures, and the jewels... they generously "offer" their own value.

A jewel, a work of art always has to "offer" something.

We are all part of a work of art.

I believe that we should wear the jewels and live the paintings - they give us art and happiness because they are part of ourselves.

In this way, we are at the same time creators and participants in a new artwork made of authentic shapes.

Artists of ourselves.

This is how we elevate ourselves and feed our ego, giving it its value.

With unlimited fantasy, we decorate the uniqueness of our essence and what is around us.

A woman that wears art is different every day... deeply faithful to herself and to her special essence.