Delivery options

Moonsisterbijoux by Giovanna Maria Monti will deliver the ordered products according to the option chosen by the client or according to the options indicated by the website at the time of purchase, as confirmed in the email the client will receive.

Usually, a Moonsisterbijoux order is processed within 24/48 business hours from the moment the order is confirmed. The client will receive an email when the order will have been shipped.

Shipping times are calculated from the moment the courier has been assigned the order. Shippings might be delayed due to circumstances beyond the control of Moonsisterbijoux by Giovanna Maria Monti.

Please, keep in mind that external factors such as courier and postal delays, logistic issues, adverse weather conditions or the impossibility to reach the indicated address may affect the punctuality of the delivery.



Usually the shipping is assigned to the best service available at the time of purchase.

If, at the first delivery attempt, the deliverer can’t find the recipient at the address indicated in the order, the deliverer will leave a note and will try again the following day.

Delivery time always depends on the destination of the order sent by Moonsisterbijoux by Giovanna Maria Monti, located in Via Monte Amiata, 3 - Viterbo 01100, Italia.



For orders below €40, the Standard (3-7 business days) shipping price in Italy is €3,50. For orders above €40, the Standard shipping in Italy is free. Express (1-4 business days) shipping price in Italy is €8,50.

N.B. For what concerns the shipping of paintings and sculptures, shipping conditions are different. We recommend contacting us   for the purchase of these products.

If the client decides to return the products, shipping costs will not be reimbursed.

For orders made from the rest of the world, shipping costs will be calculated at checkout.

For what concerns shippings in countries outside the European Union, the client is responsible for settling all charges of custom duties. We therefore invite our clients to contact the custom authorities of their country prior to making a purchase, in order to verify prices and potential import limits.


Pick up

While completing the order, it is possible to choose the “Pick up” option as delivery option.

The pick up takes place at the address Via Monte Amiata, 3 - Viterbo 01100 Italia, where Moonsisterbijoux by Giovanna Maria Monti is located.

In this case there is no delivery cost.

Usually, a product is ready to be picked up after 24 business hour from the moment of making your order. When the order is ready to be picked up, the client will receive a confirmation email with instructions and contact details to arrange an appointment for the pick up, which will happen in total safety.