Terms of service

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that, due to the current situation (measures to contain the spread of Coronavirus), we are temporarily unable to ship orders in countries or places under restrictive measures due to the Sars Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, we will evaluate the possibility to sell and ship products to some locations and/or countries.

Moreover, we hope you will understand that we might experience delays with the deliveries in general. Shipping times represent predictions about an order's delivery, but they are not certain.

Important: read the Legal Notice Section

Important: read our Privacy Policy 

Important: read the Return and Refund Section

Important: read the Shipping Section 

Please note that, due to the current situation (measures to contain the spread of Coronavirus), we need to follow compulsory protocols, such as social distancing, wearing a mask, and hand sanitization. We remind you the aforementioned rules, in case you decide to pick up your order at Moonsisterbijoux place of business.

 1. Scope and contracting parties

These General Sales Conditions are applicable to every purchase made on Moonsisterbijoux by Giovanna Maria Monti, through computer network on the website and online store www.moonsisterbijoux.com.  The contracting parties are the customer and Moonsisterbijoux by Giovanna Maria Monti, located in Viterbo (VT) 01100 Italia, Via Monte Amiata 3, Partita IVA 02362380566. 

2. Product shipping

The ordered items can be sent to the address chosen by the customer.

For further information, refer to the Shipping Section.

3. Conclusion of Contract

In the online store the contract can be concluded in Italian or English.

Before confirming the order, the customer will be able to check and edit all the entered information (e.g. name, address, payment method, and ordered items) in order to correct potential mistakes.

Once all the required data have been entered, the online process will be concluded through payment. Once all data are verified, the customer will receive an email confirming the purchase.

By sending the purchase order, the customer accepts the conditions imposed by Moonsisterbijoux by Giovanna Maria Monti.

The customer is also obligated to observe the following payment conditions of Moonsisterbijoux by Giovanna Maria Monti.

The customer confirms to have read and accepted the Sales Conditions.

The customer also accepts that Moonsisterbijoux is not bound to conditions different from what has been previously agreed upon in writing.

The purchase order will be followed by a confirmation email to the email address indicated by the costumer. In the email, there will also be a summary of all the details concerning the order ("Order Confirmation" Section below).

The confirmation doesn't represent the conclusion of the purchase contract. Once the items contained in the customer's purchase order will be shipped by Moonsisterbijoux by Giovanna Maria Monti, the contract will be considered as concluded.

Once the items will be shipped, the customer will receive another email at the chosen email address ("Shipping Confirmation" Section below).

Once the items will be delivered, the customer will receive all the necessary information – in compliance with the current legislation – which will have to be kept.

4. The customer not only has the possibility to have his/her items shipped to a specific place indicated by the chosen address, he/she also has the possibility to order - through the online store - one or more items to be picked up at Moonsisterbijoux place of business with no delivery costs. Moreover, deliveries within 6km (six) from Moonsisterbijoux place of business are free. While making your order, proceed as follows:

If the billing address indicated is in Italy, geographically close to Moonsisterbijoux place of business, select the delivery option in the payment mode.

Please note that VAT will be applied according to each country's specific legislation.

Once Moonsisterbijoux by Giovanna Maria Monti will have received the order and the online payment, the shipping of the ordered items will be processed. Shipping usually takes from two (2) to six (6) business days. The customer will be notified via email when the ordered items will have been shipped, or when they will be ready to be picked up at Moonsisterbijoux place of business, in case the customer chooses this option. Since the day of the delivery by Moonsisterbijoux by Giovanna Maria Monti, the customer will have the possibility to see the items ordered online and decide to keep them or not within two (2) weeks.

If you choose to pick the items up at our place of business, it will be necessary to show the purchase code, that we will send in the confirmation email.

Online coupons/discounts and Click&Collect: while completing your order, it is possible to enter an online coupon/discount. Please note that for each purchase order only 1 coupon or discount can be used. If you choose to pick the items up at our place of business, you can redeem and/or we will take into account your online coupon/discount, according to specific conditions (particularly according to the minimum purchase value). Please note that it is not possible to combine coupons with discounts. Online coupons and discounts cannot be commuted in cash.

5. Purchase order modes 

Purchase orders are processed as it follows:

1) Put the items in your cart

2) Enter your personal, delivery, and payment information

3) Confirm on the check your order page if the information you entered is correct and click on the "Complete my order"/"Pick up at the place of business" button.

There is not a minimum of items that must be purchased.

6. Data management

We will store the data provided by the customer. The customer is entitled to request via email a copy of those data. Customers who signed up to our online store will be able to check their order status/online purchase order at any time, by clicking on "My account".

Your data will be managed in compliance with our Privacy Policy.

7. Prices

In all the prices shown on the website the 22% VAT is included. Shipping costs are excluded.

The amount to be paid will be the amount shown when making the order/online purchase order. Those prices are exclusively referred to the Italian online store. Prices applied by other branches, indicated in the catalogues or on the online stores of other countries may vary.

8. Delivery and shipping prices

The order confirmation will be sent only if the ordered items are still available.

If an item is sold out or temporarily not available, the order/online purchase order won't be confirmed and the contract will be considered null.

The delivery time varies according to the chosen payment method and/or due to unquestionable delays of the shipping company.

- If you pay with PayPal, the items will be shipped within 3/4 business days after we received the order and the payment confirmation.

If Moonsisterbijoux by Giovanna Maria Monti isn't able to observe the aforementioned delivery times, the customer will be promptly informed via email. Even if the delivery times are not observed, the customer is not entitled to a reimbursement. If you make an online purchase order, the items will be immediately shipped after receiving the order. If it is an automatic delivery made at the place of business, it usually takes 2 to 5 business days.

While making your order, it will be possible to see in the "Cart" Section the amount (in euros) that will be added to your order for the shipping.

If due to technical or logistic reasons, the shipping has to be divided in more than one partial shipping, only one fixed price will be added.

9. Warranty and limitation of liability

All products have 1-year warranty, if the customer observes the creation's conservation and treatment rules. Warranties are regulated by the warranty conditions sent with the products. If the customer doesn't receive the aforementioned warranty conditions, he/she can request them by contacting Moonsisterbijoux at the email address: giovannammonti@gmail.com

Once delivered, if an item has material or processing defects or if it has been clearly damaged during shipping, the customer has the right to report it immediately to Moonsisterbijoux or to the shipping company.

If you receive a defective item, your rights will be regulated in compliance with the current legislation.

If an item has a defect and the customer promptly reports it in writing, the customer will have the right to withdraw from the contract according to articles 10 and 11. This means that the customer may request Moonsisterbijoux by Giovanna Maria Monti to replace the defected item with another item of the same type or with a different item of the same value, with no need for Moonsisterbijoux to refund the customer for damages/compensation etc.

Replacement costs will be borne by Moonsisterbijoux.

9/a Treatment and conservation of the creations 

All Moonsisterbijoux items are unique artistic creations. Therefore, some imperfections might be intentional and are to be considered precious in their own uniqueness. For this reason, the creations must be stored with extreme care. Creations and items in general, which have been damaged due to falls, crashes, temperature changes or other causes which are considered inappropriate by the unquestionable opinion of Moonsisterbijoux, won't be replaced.

Moonsisterbijoux can restore damaged items, at the customer's expense (restoration and shipping costs). You can contact Moonsisterbijoux by Giovanna Maria Monti at: giovannammonti@gmail.com

9/b Warranty and limitation of liability 

 Warning regarding our creations IMPORTANT 

Since ours are artistic creations, we remind you that: some so-called "imperfections" are to be considered as part of the artistic creation. Therefore, bleaching of gold, silver, and other materials used are intentional choice of the artist. All creations must be treated and stored with care, even if they might appear quite solid and resistant. Sometimes they are voluntarily fragile.

We remind you that all creations must not be put near an extreme source of heat or cold, used with perfumes or liquids and/or solids which may contain corrosive substances, alcohol, and other aggressive agents in general.

All creations can be cleaned with a soft cloth (cleaning cloths without solvent and polishing substances), or simply with water and natural soap and dried carefully.

We remind you that: all creations have a 1-year warranty, if they are treated and stored with care. In this case, the customer is entitled to request a copy of the creation. If the deterioration of the creation is accidental, Moonsisterbijoux can create a new item and/or repair the item at the customer's expense. The restoration cost will be evaluated by Moonsisterbijoux and the customer.

10. Payment

On Moonsisterbijoux online store you can pay with:


In some cases, Moonsisterbijoux by Giovanna Maria Monti reserves the right not to accept some payment methods.

All the payment methods offered are completely protected by a security system.


The free online payment via PayPal (www.paypal.com) will be managed by PayPal according their conditions.

For further information about PayPal payments consult the website www.paypal.com or your bank of reference.

Payments with other payment methods different from the aforementioned ones are not allowed – in particular it is not possible to pay in cash or by check.

Moonsisterbijoux by Giovanna Maria Monti is absolved of any liability if the customer uses a payment method different from those allowed. Until we receive the correct amount for the purchase, the items will remain property of Moonsisterbijoux by Giovanna Maria Monti.


Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay in cash or by check. Moonsisterbijoux is not responsible in case of loss. Until the payment is completed, the items will remain property of Moonsisterbijoux by Giovanna Maria Monti. As a matter of principle, for each order we can only accept 1 (one) online coupon or 1 (one) online discount. Online coupons and discounts cannot be commuted in cash.

11. Right of withdrawal

If the customer avails of his/her right of withdrawal, he/she will be responsible for the return costs. This is valid also in case of partial withdrawal.

12. Right of withdrawal

The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract within fourteen days without communicating the reasons of this choice.

The right of withdrawal is valid within fourteen days since the date the customer or a third party appointed by the customer, excluding the deliverer, will be in possession of the products.

To be able to exercise his/her right of withdrawal, the customer will have to inform us through a declaration (e.g. letter or email) about his/her decision to withdraw from the contract.

The items will be returned at the customer expenses in the same conditions it had been sent –intact.

To withdraw from the contract, you have to notify Moonsisterbijoux at the following addresses:

Moonsisterbijoux di Giovanna Maria Monti

Via Monte Amiata 3, 01100 Viterbo (VT) Italia

E-mail: giovannammonti@gmail.com

The customer can send a declaration or fill it electronically through Moonsisterbijoux email address. If the customer decides to do the latter, he/she will receive a confirmation email, once we have received the declaration.

In order to observe the withdrawal period, the declaration must be sent before the withdrawal period ends.

Consequences of withdrawal

In case of withdrawal from the contract, we will return to the customer the payments received, excluding delivery costs – except if the customer chose a different delivery method, such as the Pick Up at Moonsisterbijoux place of business – immediately or at least within fourteen days since we received the declaration of withdrawal from the customer. For the refund, we will use the same payment method the customer used to make the order, unless another type of agreement with the customer is in place. We never charge the customer for the refund operations. We have the right to deny the refund until we receive the items or until we have proof that the items have been sent. It is considered valid the first of the two aforementioned situations that will occur.

The customer is obligated to return the items within fourteen days since the declaration of withdrawal from the contract. We consider that the customer observed the withdrawal period if he/she has shipped the items within fourteen days. The customer is responsible for the costs to return the items. The customer is responsible for a potential decrease in value of the items, only if the customer manipulated the items for reasons which are not related to verifying the items, its characteristics, and its functioning.

The customer doesn't have the right of withdrawal if the contract related to the purchase involves sealed items, which can't be returned if the seal has been removed, due to hygiene or safety reasons.

End of information related to the right of withdrawal

13. Environment and disposal

Moonsisterbijoux by Giovanna Maria Monti is obligated to respect the current legislation regarding collection, recycle, and disposal of packaging. Moreover, Moonsisterbijoux is committed to be respectful of the environment for everything that concerns its creations.

For further information about the disposal of packaging, the customer can contact Moonsisterbijoux by Giovanna Maria Monti at the following address: giovannammonti@gmail.com

14. Applicable law

Regarding everything that may not be clarified in these Sales Conditions, in case of a dispute, the Italian law will be applied to the extent to which this right does not deprive the customer of the protection provided by the Italian mandatory legislation.

15. Address 

Moonsisterbijoux di Giovanna Maria Monti 

Via Monte Amiata, 3 

01100 Viterbo (VT) Italia

P.IVA 02362380566